Welcome to our NEW support portal! We are now SonicWall, with a dedicated support site. Learn more.

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Who we are

SonicWall Support is here to help you maximize the value of your network security solution.

With SonicWall Support, you’re enabled to gain superior long-term value and achieve more from your solution – and get the support you need, when you need it.

SonicWall Support services are more than just Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite or 24x7. SonicWall Support offers Customer Success Managers (CSMs), Designated Support Engineers (DSEs) and Professional Services. Our goal is to offer our valued network security customers convenient support, to keep their businesses humming along smoothly.

Transition FAQs

Now that Francisco Partners and Elliott Management has acquired the Dell Software group, you may have questions about how this affects you as a support customer. Below you can find answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

None whatsoever. All personnel, processes, phone numbers and URLs to meet your requirements will remain unchanged. As always, you can continue to contact your preferred reseller for any sort of assistance required, and utilize the wide range of online self-support and educational material online at www.support.sonicwall.com.

Yes, you will continue to be supported under the terms of your current maintenance agreement, which aligns with your service entitlements. Any changes in regards to support will be provided in separate communications before they are implemented.

No, you can continue to reach us on the same telephone numbers as you previously used.

No, support offerings will not be different. You can continue to receive the same levels of support:
Technical Support:

  • 8x5
  • 7x24
Value-Add Support:
  • Customer Success Managers (formerly TAMs)
  • Dedicated Support Engineers
  • Global Professional Services
  • Remote Implementation Service (RIS)

No, you can now access our NEW support portal at www.support.sonicwall.com You can still visit www.sonicwall.com and www.MySonicWall.com as before.

There will be no change in your support service; SonicWall will still continue to provide you support.

You will continue to be supported by the current technical support team and use existing systems and practices, under the terms of your current maintenance agreement, which is in line with your service entitlements.

Yes, in accordance with your service entitlement.

Contact your renewal representative, and they will help you get current on your maintenance and support.

All quotes are valid through the effective date listed on the quote you received.

You can now find the SonicWall blog posts and videos at https://blog.sonicwall.com.

To renew your support service contract please contact your reseller, inside sales representative, or visit the support portal at www.support.sonicwall.com/contact-support where you can submit an online Customer Service Request.

There is no change to your partner status due to the transaction.

Pricing policies are not expected to change, but they are subject to review to ensure we’re giving you the best value for money.

We don’t have any plans to discontinue products at this time.